Color Pencil Basic Fashion Drawing Course – Lesson 1

Color Pencil Basic Fashion Drawing Course – Lesson 1


Hi, this is Enmo.

I am very happy to start our basic lessons on color pencil fashion drawing!

Before starting, there are a few key points Enmo wants to share with everyone.

I know that the most difficult thing when starting something new is to get started! Especially if it is something you are unfamiliar with or in the areas that you are not good at. But trust me, progress will come through continuous practice, so we have to practice a lot in between the lessons… In this period, you will sometimes feel a sense of accomplishment, and sometimes feel a little frustrated… This is normal. It is all part of the learning process we must go through… so, how to overcome it? The answer is simple: Enjoy it! Enjoy it to the full extent, the feeling of achievement, and share your joy with your close ones and your friends… by the time you are starting to draw with more confidence, share it with those other people around you too. You will be able to find joy even in times when you feel annoyed! Tell yourself that you’re still learning and it’s normal to have frustrations… unless we are gifted, and we can learn new skills on the fly without making any mistakes.


**Every Monday evening, I will reply to your questions one by one. So, feel free to ask me anything you had in regard to the lesson. When asking questions, please attach images of your drawings so I can better understand the difficulties or problems that you are facing.


When submitting your questions, please fill out the form before Sunday, it is when I will be making closing and promptly replying to them in a form of a video on Monday.


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Course content:

(Body Structure: 9 Head Figure)


The following are the body parts corresponding to each number head figure (You can make notes before watching the course video.)


1- chin. 2- nipples. 3- waist. 4- groin. 5- middle thigh. 6-knee. 7- middle calf. 8- sole of a normal person. 9-model sole (usually we will draw the model wearing high heels, so the height will be stretched)



The shaded side of the body: the dotted line.


“The dashed part is the concave surface of the body, also called the dark surface. Highlights more colors in these areas.”



Let’s start the course!


Let's go!!!


Inverted Egg Head Drawing Video – Click me

Color Pencil Highlighted Drawing Areas Video – Click me

9 Head-Figure Ratio Pencil Drawing Video – Click me

9 Head-Figure Color Pencil Drawing Video – Click me


The Model this time!



Reminder: Color Pencil used: 132 / 176 / 190




After each lesson doesn’t forget to give yourselves a big cheer for the effort!

I know nothing comes easy!

Don’t forget! The first step out is a half-journey walk!

Keep Going!!



Don’t forget to submit your artwork after finishing the lesson!


Please click here to submit your drawings



Next Course: “Dynamic Body Drawing”

The difference from this class is that in this course, people stand upright. In the next course, we will learn how to draw a model posing on a catwalk.

Let’s look forward to it!

see u ~v~