Enmo Lin

Enmo LIN



I'm a portrait painting teacher and I am also an Illustration Designer.

I am Taiwanese. And now I live in Paris.
I travel to different countries and teach watercolors/Procreate/Oil painting.
I hope that every work brings the greatest value and benefit to the business.

The person in charge of Enmo Visual Design Studio, Taiwan
The teacher in the class of Kunstart Fashion Illustration Institute, Taiwan
Teaching Fashion Illustration in Hong Kong, Singapore
The history of the exhibition
2017-10 Kaohsiung City Council exhibition, Taiwan  
2017-12 Personal exhibition, Tainan, Taiwan
2018-10 The exhibition of ART JAPAN IN GLASGOW, Melbourne, Australia 
2019-12 Personal exhibition,London,UK
2020-04 Contemporary Art Salon Spring 2020
2020-10 Portraits and 10 life stories  exhibition, Taipei
2020-12  Portraits and 10 life stories exhibition, Kaohsiung
2021-10  TEACHER-STUDENT joint exhibition by Enmo Lin and students
Personal exhibition, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2022-03   Personal exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2022-10   Salon d'Automne2022, Paris, France
The companies that Enmo used to cooperate
MORE Italian restaurant, Taiwan
MOVIES bakery garden, Taiwan
BROWN SPARK, the brand of clothing, UK
Fitflop, the brand of shoes, UK
Open to work opportunities abroad and travel.
For new work inquiries please contact at: